Sunday, August 15, 2010

Introducing Ashton Garrett Flagan

He's finally arrived!!

Ashton Garrett Flagan was born on 8/9/10 at 9:16pm weighing 7lbs 14oz and 20 inches long.  He is also quite obedient because this was the exact day I had said would be the perfect day for him to come!  My doctor had been out of town the week prior and I really wanted her to deliver him.  Now the details:

I had been 5cm for over a week and at my 2:00pm Doctor Appt, she thought she broke the first layer of my bag of water, so she sent me right over to labor and delivery.  I had a feeling that was going to happen, so we had all the bags in the car.  My mom had driven me to the appointment and Adam met us at the hospital.  Once I got there my contractions started coming every 2-7 min, but at 5:30pm I was still 5cm.  I also realized that I had been having contractions for quite some time.... they just didn't hurt so I had figured it was just him stretching..... After receiving an epidural, Dr Files broke my water (the rest?) and that was all it took, I progressed to 8cm in an hour and then they actually had to slow my contractions down.  I had him at after 6 pushes.  We used a mirror this time and I really think that helped me with my pushes.  I also am really excited to say that breastfeeding is going GREAT this time around (for those of you that knew my issues on nursing Madison).

Here are some of our favorite pictures from Ashton's first week.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Any Day Now

Ok, so I admit it, I am not the best at blogging, but I am trying!!  My excuse - I have been 3-4cm dialated for the last week and a half!!  Talk about lighting a fire under you to get everything on your "To Do" list done!  As of my last appointment, I was 3-4cm and 60-70% effaced.... so literally any day now!
So to catch up....
A few weeks ago we had our maternity shoot with the fabulous Sarah of Maddie Dean Photography.  Here are few of our favorites.
Have one exactly like this when we were pregnant with Madison.

We took one just like this when we were pregnant with Madison, minus her hands of course.

Last weekend our wonderful friends threw us a couples baby shower, here are some pictures of that.  I love that they were able to match everything with his bedding!!   We had a great time and thank you Traci, Laura, and Elen so much!!

Cupcakes are courtesy of Erin Sholl, she is starting a baking business.... I highly recommend her!

Madison and Clara getting themselves into trouble..... already!

And now it's time for the belly picture...... wow this post has a lot of pictures!  I am standing and holding my belly awkwardly because Adam told me you all needed the full effect..... yes I am huge!

And finally.... MOMMY IS HERE!  She drove down 2 weeks ago with my Aunt Debbie and cousin Marissa.  My Dad should be following in a few weeks once he wraps everything up in PA.  She has really been a huge help with Madison, especially since I can't run after her or get on the floor like I could a few weeks ago.... well I can get on the floor.... but then getting up is tricky.

And final picture.... the double stroller is all ready to go!