Sunday, February 28, 2010

Madison is Walking!

This past Wednesday, Madison took her first 2 steps at gymnastics class.  Since then she has been taking more and more consecutively everyday!  I think we are in the teens now!  Here is a video we took this evening.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

1st Trimester - DONE!

Well, I am excited to say that my first trimester is complete and it was fairly easy..... no morning sickness!!  Here is a shot of me at 12 weeks.... we forgot to take one at 13 weeks, but will make sure we take one this Friday when we will be 14 weeks!

I have been having some back pain, which apparently is very common to be worse in your second pregnancy; 1- because your body is once again producing relaxin and 2 - because you are now having to lift a 20 lb Baby #1 throughout the day.  As a Valentine's Day present, Adam got me a prenatal massage.... I am cashing it in at Beyond Beaute this evening!

This weekend we took Madison to the park down the street from our house to try out the infant swings.  She loved them!!

Madison is also doing better with eating finger foods.  As a special treat after her first gymnastics class yesterday, we tried McDonalds!  She LOVED french fries and some of mommy's hamburger!  We have also started going to Book Babies at the Library and Kindermusik again.  And on March 22nd we will start swim class (Daddy will  have to do that one with her because Mommy can not risk getting kicked in the stomach)!

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's (probably) a BOY!!

We had Part 1 of our Integrated Screen today to test for Down Syndrome, Spinal Bifida, and extra chromosomes and from the scan, everything looks perfectly healthy!!  The doctor was also able to make a 85-90% guess on the gender.  From the looks of things, it looks like we are going to be having a baby boy!!!!  As the doctor said, things typically do not stick out on little girls in that area :-)  We are through the roof excited to be blessed to be probably having one of each!!!